Baked Egg Squares
Potato and Onion|Parmesan|Gruyere|Rosemary
Artichoke and Asparagus|Manchego|Thyme|Tomato

Smoked Salmon Presentation
Sliced|Plattered|Garnished with Capers|Lemons|Dill

Captain Crunch French Toast
Strawberries|Bananas|Whipped Cream|Sprinkles

Maple Syrup|Sweet Butter


Avocado Toast

7 Grain Toast|Smashed Hass Avocado|EVOO|Sea Salt|Sriracha

Cheese Blintz Soufflé
Combined with Sweet Eggs|Vanilla|Brown Sugar|Raspberry Apple Sauce


Assorted Seeded & Non-Seeded Bagels & Croissants
Whitefish Salad|White Meat Tuna Salad|Egg Salad

Whipped Cream Cheese|Scallion Cream Cheese

Sliced Tomatoes|Bermuda Onions

Muenster Cheese|Swiss Cheese

Whipped Sweet Butter|Maple Butter


Bow Tie Pasta with Pear Shaped Red Tomatoes and Snow Peas
Tossed with Lemon Infused Olive Oil & Sea Salt


Fresh Fruit Presentation
Melons|Berries|Tropical Fruits|Vine Fruits


Grilled Vegetable Frittata Squares
Assorted Grilled Seasonal Vegetables|Eggs

Low Fat Cheeses|Baked


Noodle Kugel
Broad Noodles|Sweetened Sour Cream|Vanilla

Golden Raisins|Corn Flaked Crusted|Baked Golden Brown


Omelet Bar

Made to Order|Your Choice of Fillings
All Made with Seasoned Eggs or Egg Whites & Clarified Butter


Yogurt Parfait
Accompanied by Granola|Honey|Caramelized Walnuts

Sundried Cranberries|Raisins

Bellinis|Bloody Marys
Fresh Juices|Coffees & Herbal Teas



Iced Crudite Display
Seasonal Crisp Vegetables|Buttermilk Herb Dip

Assorted Pinwheel & Tea Sandwiches

Smoked Turkey|Red Leaf Lettuce|Cranberry Chutney

Baked Salmon Salad

Egg Salad

 Beefsteak Tomato |Fresh Mozzarella|Basil|Pesto

Cucumber and Watercress

Served from Tiered Silver Trays


Assortment of Finger Desserts
Key Lime Squares|Pecan Squares|Apple Frangipane

Mini Cheesecakes


Golden Raisin Scones
Clotted Cream|Lemon Curd|Black Raspberry Jam

Red Pepper Jam|Apple Butter


Fresh Berries with Vanilla Sweetened Cream


Selection of Butter Cookies
Almond Crescents|Checkerboard|Pecan Nut

English Sugar|Chocolate Lace


Assorted Teas
Flavored Teas and Herbal Teas

Green Tea|Darjeeling|English Breakfast|Earl Grey|Lemon
Served with Milk|Cream|Sugar|

Brown Sugar|Sweet n' Low