Fireside Dinner
Breakfast in Jar

“Fireside Dinner” Menu

(8-10 Guests)




Hot White Cheese Fondue

Served with Torn French Bread 


Coq au Vin

Red Wine Braised Chicken|Mushrooms|Onions|Rich Red Wine Sauce


Rice Pilaf

Saffron Threads|Peppers|Onions|Parsley


Roasted Cauliflower|Carrots|Brocolli|Green Beans

Olive Oil|Sea Salt


Winter Salad

Organic Greens|Oranges|Cranberries|Red Onion|Feta Sprinkle

Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette


Sliced Baguette



Homemade Vanilla Pudding
Served with Lady Finger Cookies




$350 Plus Tax (Free Local Delivery)