Key Lime Squares




Apple Pear Raspberry Cobbler
Granola Oat|Brown Sugar Crumble Crunch|
Raspberry Topped


Apple Tart Tatin
Almond Paste Crust|Apricot Glaze


Apple Toffee Crunch Tart
Thinly Sliced Granny Smith Apples|
Almond Frangipane|Caramel Sauce|Toffee Crunch


Artisanal Cheeses and Port Display
English Stilton|Montrachet|
Saint Andre|Aged Vermont Sharp Cheddar

Figs|Raspberries|Strawberries|Blackberries|Grape Clusters
Sliced Crusty Tuscany Bread|
Walnut Raisin Bread|Zucchini Bread


Assorted Finger Desserts
Mini Squares Including Key Lime|Apple Frangipane

Cheesecake|Baklava|Pecan|Brownies|Assorted Delicate Butter Cookies


Baby Nutella Crepes
Powdered Sugar Sprinkle


Bananas Foster
Ripe Bananas|Sautéed|Brown Sugar|Butter|Cinnamon

Orange & Lemon Nutmeg|Flambéed|151 Rum

Banana Liqueur|Served Warm|French Vanilla Ice Cream


Belgium Milk Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit


Blueberry Peach Tart
Apricot Glaze


Cheesecake Bar
New York Cheesecake|Warm Caramelized Pineapple|
Warm Caramel Dolce De Leche
Fresh Raspberries|Sliced Strawberries|
Chocolate Chips|Oreos|Toasted Almonds
Coconut Shavings|M&M’s

Served in Stemless Martini Glasses


Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding Cups
Raisins|Banana|Swiss Chocolate


Chocolate Brownies

Triangle Bites|Melted Chocolate Chips


Chocolate Gateau Cake
Layers of Light and Dark Cake|Light and Dark Mousse Filling

Iced with Black and White Chocolate Shavings


Chocolate Milkshake "Shots"
Chocolate Syrup|Vanilla Ice Cream|Blended|
Served in Shot Glasses


Crème Brulee "Spoons"
Deep Dark Chocolate|Raspberry|
Vanilla Bean or Espresso|Torched


Dessert Crepes
Grand Marnier|Powdered Sugar|Strawberries|
Shaved Chocolate Raspberries|Apples|Peaches|Nutella|Bananas|Vanilla Sauce|Lemon Curd



Flourless Chocolate Mini Torte
Belgium Chocolate|Butter|Cocoa Powder


French Pastel Macaroons
Assorted Buttercream and Fruit Fillings


Fresh Fruit Parfait
Seasonal Fruits|Stemless Martini Glass|Demi Spoon


Fresh Fruit Presentation
Seasonal Tropical Fruits|Berries|Melons|Vine Fruits

Bite Size Pieces


Home Made Traditional Mini Chipwich’s
Vanilla Ice Cream Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream|Hot Fudge|Hot Butterscotch|
Crushed Oreos

M & M's|Strawberries|Reese's Pieces|Walnuts|Sprinkles|Cherries|Whipped Cream


Mango Raspberry Sorbet "Shots"
Candied Orange|Demi Spoons


Mini Cannoli
Ricotta Cheese Filling|Sprinkles


Mixed Berry Cobbler
Local Fruit|Brown Sugar Crumble|
Served in Individual Ramekins


Poached Bartlett Pear
Port Wine|Cinnamon|Nutmeg


Pumpkin Crème Brûlée
Caramelized Sugar Crust


Red Berries Tart
Almond Paste|Apricot Glaze


Red Velvet Cake Pops
Cream Cheese Filling|White Chocolate Frosting


Sweet & Savory Popcorn Station
Parmesan & Garlic|Plain|Brown Sugar|Caramel


S’mores Popsicles
Marshmallow|Chocolate Coated|Graham Cracker Dusted|
Popsicle Stick


Strawberry "Therapy"
Driscoll Strawberries|Served Three Ways

Light and Dark Chocolate Covered|Caramel Covered|Brown Sugar Coated


Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake
Served in Individual Ramekin


Watermelon Smoothies
Square Shot Glass

English Trifle
Tiered Glass Bowl|Layered|
Sherry Soaked Lady Fingers|Raspberries

Red Currant Jelly|Crumbled Amaretto Cookies

Vanilla Custard|Fresh Whipped Cream|Toasted Almonds