May 2020

Dear Friends and Clients,


Life has been quite a roller coaster ride for the last couple of months. I hope that you and your families are staying mentally and physically healthy.


The good news is, Contemporary Foods and myself have embraced the “New World.”  Consequently, beginning in early June we are moving forward with a new version of catering; “Quarantine Relief Party Kits.” Some of our great menu options will be available for delivery. Periodic changes will be posted on Facebook.  


When society allows, we look forward to celebrating your graduations, communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and life’s many other special gatherings with you, providing you all of the full service catering amenities we are known for or scaling it down to a "micro event."


In the meantime, we wish you good health and hope to provide some “small scale” good cheer to you and your loved ones in the coming weeks. 

All my best wishes,

Richard Millman

“Quarantine Relief” Party Kits



            Portion:                    4-5 Hungry People


            Order:                       Email or Call By Tuesday A.M.



            Delivery:                    Friday p.m. or Saturday a.m. or Curbside Pick-up


            Price:                         $150 Per Kit (Plus Tax)

                                                Free Local Delivery


            Payment:                  Credit Card over Phone

            What’s  Included:    1- Complete Meal for 4-5 People

                                                     (Starter|Meal|Simple Dessert)

                                                 Detailed Cooking|Presentation Directions


            Extras:                       Additional Portions of All Menu Items


                                                Cocktail “Shakers”


                                                Wine Cellar Specials


                                                Disposable Eco Friendly Paper Goods


                                                Flowers in a Vase

Quarantine Relief Menu (4-5 People)

  “Pool’s Open”    


            White Bean Hummus

                        With Flat Breads


            * * * * *                              


            Tuscan Grilled Organic Chicken Breast

                        Hand Sliced|Plattered|Served with Tomato Bruschetta

            Fusilli Pasta with Sautéed Broccoli

                        Toasted Almonds|Shaved Romano Cheese|Lemon|Olive Oil|Basil Leaves

           Roasted Summer Vegetables

                        Zucchini |Vidalia Onions|Red & Yellow Peppers|Green Beans|Sweet                                                          Potatoes|Eggplant|Sea Salt Sprinkle


          Garden Greens

                        Romaine|Arugula|Red Leaf|Cucumbers|Carrots|Tomatoes|Radishes|Red                                              Onion|Balsamic Vinaigrette|Feta Sprinkles (On the Side)

          * * * * *


         Chocolate Chip Brownie Triangles



  “Saturday Night with Friends”  


           Granny Smith Apple and Sweet Potato Fritters

                        Raspberry Apple Dipping Sauce


            * * * * *


            Grilled North Atlantic Salmon

                        Lemon Dill Pesto|Dotted with Figs|Capers|Served with Lemon Thyme Aioli


            Farro  “Cups”

                        Asparagus|Grilled Artichoke|Parsley|Caramelized Onions|Roasted Green Beans

                        Red Pepper Slivers|Balsamic Glaze


           Israeli Salad

                       Chopped Tomatoes|Cucumbers|Green Pepper|Red Onion|Parsley

                       Lemon Vinaigrette


           * * * * *

           Key Lime Squares

  “Sunday After Golf BBQ”        


            Vermont Cheddar and Macaroni “Cupcake”

                        Traditional Mac and Cheese|Tomato Crescent


            * * * * *


            First Cut Brisket  Sliders

                        Dry Rubbed|Slow Roasted|Hand Pulled|Homemade BBQ Sauce|Balthazar Roll


            Roasted Cuban Corn  

                        Roasted Corn|Red Pepper Slivers|Black Beans|Lime|Paprika|Cilantro Sprinkle


            Granny Smith Apple Cole Slaw

                         Red and White Cabbage|Carrot Threads|Sun Dried Cranberries  


            Summer Salad

                       Georgia Peaches|New England Blueberries|Caramelized Walnuts|Organic                                               Greens|Crumbled Feta (On Side)|Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette  

            * * * * *


            Pecan Squares


 “Celebrate the Grands”                 

                Babies, Dogs, Mom’s & Dad’s

            Lemon Cucumber Tzatziki    

                        With Blue Corn Chips


            * * * * *


           Herb Crusted Grilled Chicken Brochette

                        Zucchini|Vidalia Onioin|Red & Yellow Peppers|Arugula Bed


           Orzo Pasta "Cup"
                        Green Peas|Broccoli|Caramelized Onions|Parsley


           Roasted Green Beans & Bunny Carrots

                        Beet Chard Spirals      


           Greek Caesar Salad

                        Baby Romaine Lettuce|Tomatoes|Cucmbers|Red Onions|Kalamata                                                          Olives|Lemon Parmesan Vinaigrette     

           * * * * *


           Chocolate Chip Brownie Triangles       




          Appetizers by the Dozen - $25

                      Vermont Cheddar and Macaroni “Cupcake”

                                    Traditional Mac and Cheese|Tomato Crescent


                       Granny Smith Apple and Sweet Potato Fritters

                                    Raspberry Apple Dipping Sauce

                        Pretzel Crusted Salmon “Stick”

                                    Jack Daniels Grainy Mustard

                        Additional Portions on  All Menu Items*



          “Cocktail Shaker”  Premixed|32 oz. - $25

                          Watermelon|Basil Margarita

                                    Tequila|Watermelon Puree|Lime Juice 


                           Hibiscus Vodka Iced Tea

                                     Hibiscus Tea Syrup|Vodka|Lemon Wheel Garnish


                           Grapefruit Negroni

                                     Gin|Sweet Vermouth|Grapefruit|Campari 

            Wine Cellar Specials - $15|Bottle

             Light Bodied Summer Wines


                         Pinot Noir

                         Sauvignon Blanc


            Disposable Eco Friendly Paper Goods - $20

                        Large Plates|Small Plates|Forks|Knives|Cocktail & Dinner Napkins

                        10oz. Plastic Glass

            Simple Flowers in a Vase - $25

                         Seasonal Exotic|Simple Design|Cut Flowers in a Small Glass Cylinder Vase

            *Pricing to be forwarded

P: 201-784-0377

C: 201-906-6938


112 LaRoche Avenue    

Harrington Park, NJ 07640