Seltzer|Mixed Nuts

Passed Bubbly Cocktail with Berry Garnish


Ceviche "Martinis"

Choice Of Salmon|Black Bass|Scallops|Shrimp
Red & Yellow Pepper|Red Onion|Grape Tomatoes |
Cilantro or Dill|Lime
Served in Stemless Martini Glasses 
with Demi Spoon 

Avocado and Ricotta "Toast" Bar

7 Grain Toast|Smashed Avocado|Whipped Ricotta

Sliced Radish|Sriracha|Red Pepper Flakes

EVOO|Lemon|Honey|Bacon|Black Salt Flakes

Passed Appetizers

(Choice of 6)  
Steak "Frites"

Filet Mignon|Bearnaise|Potato Garlic Toast

Tuna Tartare

Ginger|Scallion|Black Pepper

Daikon Square|Wasabi Soy “Drop”

Gazpacho "Shot"

Tomatoes|Cucumbers|Peppers|Parsley|Celery|Served in Square Shot Glass

House Smoked Turkey Monte Cristo

Challah French Toast|Gruyere Cheese|Cinnamon

Vermont Cheddar & Macaroni “Cupcake”

Traditional Mac and Cheese|Tomato Crescent

Wild Mushroom Risotto Pancake
Creme Fraiche Dot|Pan Seared Crisp

Peking Chicken Sate
Sesame Scallion Ginger Marinade|Plum Hoisin Glaze

Caprese "Fork"
Roasted Brussels Sprout|Grape Tomato|Mozzarella Ball|Served on Mini Fork
Pretzel Crusted Salmon "Stick"
Jack Daniels Grainy Mustard

Kobe Beef Sliders

Ketchup Dot|Potato Square|Cheddar Cheese Melted

Plated Salad Course
Hudson Valley Salad

Organic Greens|Bartlett Pears|Sun Dried Cranberries

Caramelized Walnuts|Crumbled Feta|Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette


Plated Main Course
Oven Roasted Black Bass

Light Chardonnay Sauce|Lemon Wheel|Dill
Braised Western Boneless Short Ribs of Beef

Slow Cooked|Plum Tomatoes|Caramelized Onions|Natural Au Jus
Eggplant & Portobella Mushroom "Steak"

Roasted Tomato Bearnaise|Roasted Red Pepper Slice


Roasted Bunny Carrots and Green Beans
Stemmed Carrots|Crisp Green Beans|Herbed Olive Oil|
Beet Chard Twist

Parmesan Crusted Potato "Lollipops"
Roasted Trio|Red, White, Purple

Edible Plate Garnish


Dessert Tasting Table
Fresh Fruit "Parfait"

Key Lime Squares
Raspberry Topped

Swiss Chocolate Brownie Triangles

Melted Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Milkshake "Shots"

Chocolate Syrup|Vanilla Ice Cream|Blended|Served in Shot Glasses


Passed Dessert

Home Made Traditional Mini Chipwich’s
Vanilla Ice Cream Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Coffee Service
Brewed Regular|Decaffeinated Coffee|Herbal Teas

Served with Cream|Milk|Sugar|Equal|Splenda|Lemon

$100.00 Per Person Plus Beverages|Rentals|Staff|Tax

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